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Pain is Temporary

Around the time finals season roll around, the flowers on the trees around campus are still blooming and the weather grows warmer. The days became longer than the nights, but very few students feel as if they have time to stop to smell the flowers. I recall hearing college students repeat this mantra to each other:

“Pain is temporary, GPA is forever!”

Whether joking or serious, it was a good encapsulation of the goals we had in mind, the things we worked to achieve. Get good grades. Make our parents proud, and improve our job prospects for the future. Graduate. Move on to the next stage of life, as best prepared as we can be.


Fast forward three years.

I like to visit my alma mater in the spring. In particular, I’m drawn to a tree on the west side of the Biology building.

This is the spot where I talked to one of my role models for the last time, over FaceTime. My weekends were booked with extracurricular activities and I wasn't able to see her in person, at her house. B…

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