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Reflections on Leaving

I don’t like change as much as the next person , I thought, as I picked out the makeup items I deemed “essential” out of my standard makeup bag and dropped them into a second bag. I categorized them as essential because perhaps I would need to participate in a video call in a future job interview as a potential Certified Nursing Assistant, and therefore, have to dress a little professionally. This is because the 6-week internship for my nursing program was cancelled, leaving me and many other students high and dry in terms of the expected extensive hands-on nursing experience that we were promised from our education. I would have to sort that all out on my own , I thought, I placed a mild tinted lipstick into my smaller bag. It was a worry for the more ambiguous future, not the immediate future. I had ended up in the suburbs of Ohio, after I was told to “de-densify” my dorm on March 17th with essentially 2 days of uncertain notice. I had been careful, thorough, and level-headed in de

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